30 October 2014  
Lauren Tom Works with Drew on ‘Pretty Little Liars’
Posted by: Anne >> filled under: News,Pretty Little Liars

‘Supernatural’ star, Lauren Tom, joined the cast of Pretty Little Liars this season in the potentially recurring role of Rebecca, an attorney who gets involved with the Liars. According to The Hollywood Reporter, she will begin appearing in episode 5×21 – “Bloody Hell”.

The cast is about to finish its 5th Season, and they’re currently shooting episode 5×23 – “The Melody Lingers On”. I asked Lauren if she had worked with Drew, and she said YES! So that means, we’ll be seeing Jason in one or more of the episodes between 5×21-5×23! Looks like he’ll have a big storyline in the second half of the season, since it’s also been confirmed that he’s in 5×16 and 5×17 (most likely more), since Drew tweeted a picture on set when they were shooting episode 5×14.

I will keep all of you posted!