8 September 2014  
Devious Maids Week: Renew Devious Maids!
Posted by: Anne >> filled under: Devious Maids,News,Site

The 2nd Season of Devious Maids ended on July 13th… It’s going to be 2 months! As you all know, we still haven’t heard anything about a Season 3 Renewal, and I think it’s time that we let Lifetime know how much we want the show to come back.

Sure, we’ve been doing that for the past few months, but I’m calling this week the Devious Maids Week. What does that mean? That all week long we will be tweeting the hashtag: #RenewDeviousMaids and we will mention @lifetimetv with the hashtag.

If you want to link @lifetimetv to the Petition we have going on: http://twitition.com/9mo5i, you can do that too! Let’s just work extra hard this week to get our voice heard! Tell Lifetime why you love the show, why you want it to come back, your favorite scenes, characters, etc! Get many people to help too!